Friday, May 9, 2014

I´m a fighter

Yesterday was a really tough day. I couldn´t sit, I couldn´t stand, I couldn´t eat, I couldn´t drink, all I could do was to squirm in pain under my blanket. My headache was at it´s worst, I nearly threw up because of it. Every muscle and limb ached and I wasn´t able to lie still and get to relax even a bit. I absolutely hate those days, and I am so glad I´m feeling better today.

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As many of you know, I am currently staying in a rehabilitation center. I´ve been here for over two weeks now, and was supposed to go home this wednesday, after three weeks. But, since things haven´t really gone my way - the fact that I´m worse now than I was when I got here - my supervisor and I have decided that I will stay here for another two weeks. I soo badly want this to work, and I don´t want to go home feeling like this - both fysically and mentally. I will give this a second chance, and then we´ll see. If it doesn´t work I guess I am not ready for it. But I will continue fighting, I will not quit.

~ Sarah ~

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