Sunday, April 20, 2014

I need your help and opinion

If you´ve read my blog before, you probably know that I was recently vacationing on Gran Canaria. Well, that wasn´t all I did. The trip was booked for three reasons. Number 1: To get to see something else than my livingroom. Number 2: To see if the climate helped my health. Number 3: To visit a school which I´ve applied to, and am now considering going to this fall. Yes, you read correctly, I´m considering moving to Gran Canaria. That´s why I need your help and opinion, what do you think?

Do I think the climate helped my health on Gran Canaria?
Yes. I absolutely do. The week before we left I was better than I´d been since October, but that doesn´t mean I was well. That means that my headache was reduced, my energylevel was slightly better, I was able to have friends over some nights and I was able to pack my bag all by myself. So, I was much better, but I wasn´t good. The first days on Gran Canaria was a bit tough. The trip was long, 16 hours in total, and of course I was tired after that. The first days I spent many hours in bed, but I was also able to sit outside on our balcony to get fresh air. As the days went by, I recovered more and more from the trip. I started hanging out by the pool and some nights my mother and I even went out for dinner. We came down there on a Saturday, and the next Friday we visited the school. I´ll tell you more about it below. After visiting the school we went out to eat lunch as we were already out in the city. That was a mistake. When we finally got back my headache was a 8 1/2 out of 10, I was nauseated, had lots of musclepain and was ill in general. I slept for three hours, from 3pm to 6pm, but when i woke up I was miraculously much better. My headache had reduced to a 5, I was no longer nauseated and had hardly any musclepain. I was trilled, but took a calm night on the balcony to make sure I wouldn´t ruin the recovery. I went to bed early, and when I woke up the next morning, my headache was hardly a 3 and I was feeling good. I can´t remember me recovering that fast even once since I got ill. Saturday I spent almost the entire day by the pool, at night my mother got us takeaway and I went to bed still feeling good. 
The next week was even better. I was feeling good every day. I took two short walks where one of them was up stairs after stairs (518 steps) to reach a viewpoint. I swam in the pool, I ate out many nights, I went to bed almost without a headache (and I can´t remember last time that happened), and I smiled, laughed and was really enjoying myself. The last day we even took a day-trip to a town nearby, it´s name is Puerto de Mogan and it´s being called Little Venezia because of it´s similar canals linked by bridges. It was beautiful and it was a market there, same type as I visited in Arguineguin the same week(!!), and we walked a lot and we ate out and when we got back to our hotel we had been out for 6 hours, and thats almost a day of school. We went home the next day and that trip was tough, but now I´ve been home for a week and I´ve kept the good shape I had on Gran Canaria! I´ve been able to continue taking short walks, having periods almost without a headache, a minimum of musclepain and, yeah, I´ve been good. Great actually. 

So you must see that I think very positively about Gran Canaria. It really did me well, and I am thinking that since I got that well after two weeks, how will I do after ten months?

The school is a Norwegian private school. I know that I haven´t told you that I am a Norwegian before, but I thought it was time to let you know (plus then I have a excuse for my bad English). 
Well, as I said, the school is a Norwegian private school. It´s located between the popular tourist cities Puerto Rico (where I stayed) and Arguineguin. It´s a tiny school with elementary school, middle school and high school on the same grounds. To be more precise, the kids from elementary school have their playground outside of the high school classrooms. Elementary- and middle school have about 160 pupils in total, and the high school between 70 and 90 pupils. 
I spoke to the school counselor, and he seemes to have a good idea of how to get me trough school. And that is exactly what my goal is, to get trough school. I´ve tried to keep the old me, the girl who only accepted, and only got, good grades, but then I use too much energy and I end up not being able to attend the test which I practised for. I simply get exhausted by the preparations. So, my goal will be not to fail any classes, and thats it. I will study at college, but I will have to choose a college that will accept me, and not get to attend my dream college. 
Some of the other pupils at the school are in some way ill and the climate helps them, and that´s why they attend that school. Others have parents or siblings who gets better because of the climate, and the rest of them only wants a different year or something like that. So it won´t be like going to school in a hospital, most of the pupils will be healthy, just like at any other school. 
The biggest downside of this is; I will have to move out. Not just move out, but basically move to another continent (not really, but hello, it´s almost Africa). Will I be healthy enough to take care of myself  and study? I have no idea. 

This is why I need your help. Do you have any advices or opinions to help me make a decision? Of course it will also be a lot more expensive to move out and attend a private school, but ignore that factor. Not that money isn´t an issue, but I´d rather like your opinions on the rest. I have to decide within Wednesday!

- What do you think? I really need your help and opinion.

~ Sarah ~

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pictures from Gran Canaria


Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow

I decided to start this post with a quote. Well, not just a quote, but the best quote I´ve read in a long time. Everyone - and I mean everyone - should reflect over what you make of your life, because you are the only one who knows what you truly want and what´s best for you. If you won´t take control over your life, no one else will. There might be someone who will try, but they often have their own motives and they won´t take into account what´s best for you. The person who have the best qualifications and capabilities to control your life, is yourself. Then do it - take control.

There will always be factors that will partly control your life for you, like your responsibilities and your duties. You can´t only fill inn the rest of your time with what you want, you can also choose how to meet your situations. If you go to work with a huge smile on your face, determined to get a lot done and also see if you can get in some flirting with that cute, new colleague, your day will turn out a lot different than if you went to work just to get time passing faster, and avoiding that colleague because "(s)he probably finds you dull and unattractive anyway". 

Being positive and ready to seize the day, everyday, can´t be easy, and I´m not asking you to be that "exemplary" - I am definitely not like that - but think about it, what can you do today to make your day better? What did you do yesterday that made your day worse than it had to be? What can you do today, for tomorrow to look brighter? Three questions. It´s up to you to find the answers.  

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow" - Albert Einstein

I wish you all a terrific day 

~ Sarah ~

Monday, April 14, 2014

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~ Sarah ~

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Home Sweet Home

Yesterday at 5am I finally walked through my own front door and within minutes I'd curled up in my own bed. My sister had cleaned my entire room, changed the sheets and made it supercosy until I got home. That feeling is undescribable. I fell asleep instantly and didn't get up until 2pm, and then I took a quick shower before we went to my Grandpa's birhtdayparty. I don't know if it was the smartest thing to do, me already being tired and all, but it was so nice being with family again, so I guess it was worth it 

At the party we ate lots of good food , got to catch up with everyone and later my cousins and I played UNO. I am a very competitive person, and well, let's just say I lost. Big Time. 
When we came home I worked a bit on my blog design, if you have followed me before you can see that it's changed, but I am still not happy about it... I just can't seem to get it right. I want it to be perfect so it might be some changes in the design in the future also.

Now I'm obviousaly writing this post, and earlier I've been unpacking my bags. I'll probably take it a little easy today, but tomorrow I really want to take a short walk. 

I was a little bit hopeful when I made breakfast today... A full portion of oatmeal with homemade rasberry jam and a orange... I ended up throwing away half of the oatmeal and made my dad eat the orange... 

❤ 2 dl oatmeal
❤ 3 dl skimmed milk
❤ half a teaspoon seasalt

Two minutes in the microwave, and voilà
I used jam on top, but you can also use fresh berries or fruit.

Have a great day, loved ones.

~ Sarah ~

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Market in Arguineguin

Every Tuesday there is a market in Arguineguin, a town near Puerto Rico, where salesmen all put up tables and little "shops" to sell their products. When I finally woke up this morning, I slept until 11am, my mother had just found out about the market. I´d read about it, but forgotten that this was our last chance to visit it. So I took a quick shower and ate a quick breakfast and within 30 minutes we were in a taxi on our way to Arguineguin.
The market was a lot bigger than i´d expected, and we didn´t even have time to see half of it, as most of the salesmen went home around 1pm. But it was a lot of fun, the salesmen is rather pushy, but its fun to negotiate with them. I bought a Louis Vuitton bag, a pair of Rayban sunglasses and two bikinis. Of course the "Raybans" and the "Louis Vuitton" was fake, but they are both so pretty and since I don´t really care to spend too much money on bags and such, it was perfect for me :) The man actually wanted 120 € for the LV bag at first, but as i´d spoken to other sellers and knew more of what they sold it for, I managed to get it for only 25 €!!! Pretty darn happy about that one. 
Other than that, my mother bought a couple of belts, a purse, and gifts for my brother, sister and father.

When we got back to our hotel we ate lunch and I was still feeling okay. It´s amazing how the climate must affect me, because if i´d done something like this at home two weeks ago, i´d need to go straight to bed once I got home, and i´d fall asleep right away and sleep for two-three hours! But today, I put on my bikini and went out and relaxed by the pool. So satisfied with my day today, it will be amazing to go to bed tonight, feeling like I actually accomplished something. Great feeling. 

My two new bikinis. I got them for 30 €, and its size 38 ( Europe size 36). Love the marine blue one, not yet sure about the other one...
My new "Rayban´s". I really like them, but most of all, I really needed new sunglasses.

And last but not least, my "Louis Vuitton" bag! It´s rather big, perfect for a weekend away. I´ve wanted this since I was 12, so it feels great that it´s finally mine 

Hope you all had a great day today also!

~ Sarah ~  

Monday, April 7, 2014

Why me?

A question that often pop up in my mind is "why me?". Why is it me who has to suffer with cfs? I didn´t do anything to deserve it as far as i know.. But who has? Who has done anything to deserve something like this?

Before I got ill, I was the sporty girl in our class. I was the exemplary student, the dutiful daughter, the kind sister, the role model and the popular girl. My life was good
I made it to our region elite team in cross country skiing. My pre-season training had been great, I´d never worked that hard before. My fysical tests were great, I´d taken many steps towards the elite. Then I got ill. 

I come from a athletic family. My brother was a elite cross country skier, my mom and dad had been when they were young, and my little sister was up-and-coming. Most of what we did together involved activity. Not that we didn´t watch TV together, or didn´t get to do other things, it´s just that it was the activities we liked. When the family suddenly got a girl who stayed in bed all day, it was hard to handle. I wanted the rest of the family to stay active, and they wanted to, but it wasn´t the same anymore. They could still work out, but not do those types of vacations we used to have, and go on all the "adventures" we went on. 
Even though I´m used to it, it still hurts to see every member of my family go training every single day, while I stay home in bed. 

That was my life. That is what I lost. Sometimes when I´m in a dark place, I think "why couldn´t some of the lazy people take over for me?", but I regret the thought right away. No one deserves this. No one.

Sometimes it helps that I had that past, because everyone knows that this is the last thing I want. Staying home in bed. Watching some TV when I have the energy for it, and sleep the rest. "Why should this happen to you?", "You´re the last person to deserve something like this" etc. I hear it all the time. It´s nice not being suspected of being lazy, but it still doesn´t help. 

I´s hard staying positive every day, but i´m sure it helps. I see a therapist once a week, and the last times we´ve talked about who I am. Who am I without sports? I haven´t figured it out yet, but I think I´m getting closer. I might have lost all of that, but there´s still things I have. 

I have a wonderful family who supports me and tries to make my days better.
I have fantastic friends who cares about me.
I am still able to support my friends, give advices and listen to all the fun things they do.
I am still motivated for school, even though I had to quit for now.
I still care about sports. I cant still watch it on TV, even though I can´t compete myself.
I have money on my bank account because I don´t spend any.
I still like to read.
I still like photografy. That is a nice hobby when I have energy for it.
I am still able to be a good sister.
I am still able to be a good person. I am still me. 

"Why me?" and "why not me?" is two questions that adds up to each other. It it hat it is, it´s up to us to make the best of it.


Do you often wonder "why me?" aswell? Not necessarily cfs, anything.

~ Sarah ~ 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Update from Gran Canaria

I wrote this post on wednesday, but I´ve had some technical problems with both posting and adding pictures, so that´s why I´m publishing it this late. I hope you forgive me, and I also pray you forgive the bad quality of the pictures, I have no idea what happened there... 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sun and palms

Saturdag afternoon, we arrived at our hotel in Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria ♥ The last part of the trip I was really exhausted, and it was such a relief to finally arrive to our final destination. Saturday it was cloudy, and therefore cold, but as soon as the sun gets to shine, the weather is amazing. The hotel my mother and I are staying at, is very cosy and quiet. That was exactly what we hoped for. Most of the other guests at our hotel are 60-80 years old, but thats okay as they are very calm and quiet. I am really enjoying myself, and I hope that in a couple of days, my shape gets a bit better so I can stay out in the sun longer!

I took this picture now from where im sitting, isn´t beautiful?

~ Sarah ~