Sunday, June 15, 2014


I woke up in my room which was filled with sunbeams at 8 AM, and looked outside to find a sky so blue you can't help but spend a few seconds just to stare. It was just me and my mom at home, so we made a delicious breakfast, in my case oatmeal with banana slices, and spent the morning out in the sun. One of our neighbors saw us and joined us for some coffee and a little chit chat too, I always love that.
Most of the day I lay on the lounger, reading, listening to music and working on my tan. Of course, I didn't think of using sun protection, so now my face - thankfully only my face - is tomato-red and burning. Great.
After a while I got really tired from all the sun and the heath, so I spent the second half of my day inside watching the Lindsay Lohan documentary show. I really like that girl, so I want her to get back on track.

// Picture from We Heart It //

Now it's time to go to sleep, I'm really tired. Even though this light and warm season makes me better, it's still exhausting to spend too much time in the sun. But one good thing is that I used to be tired after spending all day in the sun when I was healthy as a horse too!

(Not mentioning Fathers Day, as the Norwegian Fathers Day is on November 9th this year. It's not that I forgot my absolutely wonderful, supportive and loving father, just thought you should know that. )

Hope you all had a great Sunday!

~ Sarah ~

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  1. Oh how I love sunny days and to feel warm summer breezes on my skin - nothing quite like a bit of fresh air to raise the spirits!