Monday, September 1, 2014

Another update

I keep telling you that I'm back, and then I just disappear for weeks again, so I won't tell you that today. If I'm back or not - I really have no idea, but it does feel nice to write again.
This summer has totally sucked. Due to my illness I've spent pretty much every day at home, and I guess I could have counted the visits I've had on one hand, not because people didn't want to visit me, but because I was to weak to have visits.  I will try to have one or two visits this week though, I miss my friends and I certainly don't want to lose them.
Other than that - I plan on taking an exam in November this year. I'm not able to attend classes so I'll have to learn it all on my own, but I think it will be all right (hope). I'm taking social studies btw.
This was one messy post, so I think I'll just round up now. Next one will hopefully be better.

~ Sarah ~

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