Sunday, April 6, 2014

Update from Gran Canaria

I wrote this post on wednesday, but I´ve had some technical problems with both posting and adding pictures, so that´s why I´m publishing it this late. I hope you forgive me, and I also pray you forgive the bad quality of the pictures, I have no idea what happened there... 


First of all, I know i´ve sucked at blogging lately, but i´ll try to be better from now on. The weather down here is very unstable, today we had sun and a completely blue sky until 2pm, then it was suddenly all clouds and it even started raining a little. About 4pm or so, the sun got through the clouds, and now, at 7.30pm as I am sitting on our balcony, I can´t see any clouds at all. Unfortunately, the sun has already set from where we are, but it it still nice to sit outside. In the evenings, it gets pretty cold down here. Right now, i´m wearing sweatpants, a jacket and two thick blankets. 
The days go by pretty calmly. I get up between 9am and 11am and eat breakfast with my mom before she goes jogging. Then, if the weather allows it, I put on a bikini and sunscreen and lie down by the pool. I hate laying on my stomach, so I´m a lot tanner up front then on my back, it looks really weird.. haha, I have a job to do there. 
The other day I took some pictures of the hotel and some of the area around it. I actually took a walk, I haven´t been able to do that in months! I walked really slow and just enjoyed it, and when I got back I wasn´t exhausted!! It wasn´t a very long walk, actually a very short one, but I´m proud anyway! I hope you like the pictures.

Our pool area. Its really nice, quiet and cosy, perfect actually, for one like me.

A minigolf nearby. I think it´s closed though, and I´m not much of a golfer, so that´s okay. 
The bay. It´s so pretty, our hotel is further away then from where this picture was taken, but we have the same beautiful view. 
The restaurants near our hotel. Not too many, but close enough that I am able to eat there some nights.
From the pool area. This picture was also taken wednesday, som I´m tanner now!!

I hope you have nice days aswell!

~ Sarah ~ 

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