Monday, March 17, 2014

About Me

My name is Sarah Amelia Xandria Whining. I am a 18 year old girl with CFS. My everyday is dominated by a lot of rest and not much activity. In bad periods, i sleep 17-18 hours a day, but in good periods, it might be enough with a good night of sleep. 
In February this year I quit, or postponed, school. I haven't been to school since the beginning of November 2013, and therefore I chose to quit for now, concentrate on my treatment this spring, and try again next fall. 
I live with my parents, my 13 year old sister and 20 year old brother. I love my family, and without them in this tough period of my life, I truly believe that I would be much worse, especially psyologically. 
My treatment now involves physiotherapists, a psychologist and a medicine called LDN. The reason I go to a psychologist is to learn how to use as little energy as possible on things that isn't necessery. At first, I was sent there to find out if i was depressed. Going through something like this often makes people depressed, and that steals a lot of energy. Thankfully, I was not depressed, but I still have benefit from the treatment. 

If you want to read more about me and my illness, go to the page called About Me, that you will find it under the header.

~ Sarah ~

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