Friday, March 28, 2014

Pleasant News

I woke up today, and almost couldn't believe what I saw. It was morning. I slept through the entire night! I feel so awake and ready for a new day. Since this is travel day, and I am excited, I thought id be up all night waiting for morning to come. But I cant even remember laying awake yesterday, I must have fallen asleep pretty darn fast! I am not able to remember when this happened last time, so I had to share my joy with you. Having CFS/ME, many tend to have a hard time sleeping at night, and falling asleep in general. I know this seems really stupid since we have a fatigue syndrome, but that doesnt mean we're not tired, we just have trouble with sleeping. Many mention "insomnia" as a symptom when they explain their illness.

I hope you slept great tonight aswell, and I hope you will get a wonderful day! 

~ Sarah ~

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