Thursday, March 27, 2014

My new baby

I had to show you this. Today, after id seen my psyciatrist, I bought my very own new iPad Air!! I've wanted it for so long, and last night as I was trying to fall asleep, i somehow decided that I should get one. Unlike most times, I really think this was a great decision. I also bought a keyboard, im writing on it now, and i LOVE it. Its like a computer really, but yet so different. 

My darling 

Other than that, Ive prepared for tomorrow today. Time has gone by so fast, and tomorrow, my mom and I are leaving! I know I haven't told you where yet, but we are going to Gran Canaria, Spain. We'll be gone for two weeks, and ill try to keep you posted on how we are doing, since im (of course) bringing my <3 ipad <3. Now im really tired and i am going to sleep, but you'll probably hear from me before we leave (we leave at night), or you can always follow me on twitter: sarahwhining or instagram: sarahwhining

Sleep tight guys.

~ Sarah ~

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